Friday, June 26, 2009

Is anybody out there?

Ok, so I had the most unbelieveable day last Tuesday--I overslept because my stomach had been upset, remembered that I forgot to call in for jury duty and discovered that I had to appear in Corona at 10:00 a.m. Ok, not so bad but then I remembered that I had to get my TB test done ASAP or I wouldn't be receiving a paycheck from the district come the end of the month! Then, the phone died! So, I rushed to get ready, have the TB test done, zoom to Corona to find out that I would be included for a possible jury later that day. Thankfully, we were granted a two-hour lunch so I could come BACK to Riverside and have my phone replaced. The bottom line here is: I LOST ALL OF MY FRIENDS PHONE NUMBERS! Please, friends, text, email or call me and give me your phone numbers. I feel so lost and isolated! (BTW, my number is the same.)

I did end up on the jury and it turned out to be a very uplifting experience--for me, not for the defendant. We found him guilty on all counts but, I had my faith in humanity invigorated. Our jury consisted of twelve people from all walks of life, ages 18 to 65, and we had an amazingly positive experience working together--just one of the twists and turns in life.

Ok friends, start texting!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free at Last!

School's out--praise God! Ken took this picture yesterday as I left school...

I love my job as a teacher. However, we give and give and give to our students, not to mention the hoops we jump through for the district and the stress we feel as a program improvement school. We NEED summer vacation to recover, recuperate, and re-energize ourselves for the new school year.

Here's to a relaxing summer!