Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little DC

Little DC was so sick this month with pancreatitis and we nearly lost him. He had a fever for several days and didn't eat for over a week. Thankfully, Woodcrest Veterinary Clinic took amazing care of him. He spent his days there receiving fluids and antibiotics and then came home to sleep. He ended up having surgery in the middle of his care to look for some underlying cause. All the while, Kelley and I spent our nights with him downstairs (slumber party---I don't think so!) to help him in any way.

Today, he is back home full-time, eating and drinking and being his silly, playful self (as playful as any dog is at ten years of age!). We knew he was on the mend on his first day home when he sat staring at the back door, waiting for his "daddy" (Ken) to get home from work. It is so good to have our baby boy back!

Thank you, Kelley, for all your help with our little man. You were there through every step of his illness and recovery and you propped me up when I needed encouragement. You will make a wonderful nurse one day!

Honestly, who knew you could love a dog so much?

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Mona said...

Our pets are part of our can we help but love and care for them. They make life better.